This is natural, given that attention to adolescent sexual activity arose initially out of concerns jc lecturer oral sex the far-reaching problems associated with teenage pregnancy and childbearing. Pharyngeal gonorrhea is one STD that is definitely acquired through oral sex. Cobb JC, Outercourse as a safe and sensible alternative to contraceptives, letter to the editor, American Journal of Public Health,87 8:

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It reviews the limited information on adolescents' experience with oral sex, and looks at the even smaller body of evidence on what young people consider to be sex or abstinence. The simplest public health argument is that doing so would enable researchers to identify individuals whose behaviors place them at risk, so that more appropriate programs and policies can be developed. Even if there is agreement on the need to expand the definition of sexual activity to create more accurate research and evaluation tools, getting those items onto survey instruments remains a concern. This issue is especially thorny because some abstinence-only programs are committed to being as specific as possible so adolescents do not take away the wrong message about what abstinence is, while others insist that specifying those behaviors violates a child's innocence and amounts to providing a "how-to" manual. The answer depends upon the person asked.

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If your partner cums in your mouth, you may be exposed to additional quantities of STD pathogens in the semen, which can infect you through the mucous membranes in your mouth and throat or through small cuts or scrapes on the inside of the mouth. The slightly bleachy smell of semen comes from its alkaline pH and minute traces of chlorine, but if it's mild enough for a vagina, it's not going to be any harsher on your mouth or throat. Social Science Research Council, If there really is a video showing what happened, that becomes much easier to do. Surveys have not yet been undertaken that would yield more useful data on the broad range of sexual behaviors young people might be engaging in.

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What Factors Are Responsible? Mundy L, Young teens and sex: Some of the disease that can be transmitted through oral sex if your partner is infected include herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis. Yet all of these measures focus on--or relate to the possible results of--vaginal intercourse.

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Bogart L et al. Deborah Roffman, a sexuality educator at The Park School in Baltimore, asserts that "middle-school girls sometimes look at oral sex as an absolute bargain--you don't get pregnant, they think you don't get diseases, you're still a virgin and you're in control since it's something that they can do to boys whereas sex is almost always described as something boys do to girls. Educators who endorse comprehensive sexuality education support giving adolescents the criteria they need to decide when to abstain or when to participate across the full continuum of sexual behaviors. Data collected in small-scale evaluations of abstinence education programs are an unexpected source of information on adolescents' current experience with oral sex.